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Crocheting is a fascinating creative process, a kind of magic, when a lace napkin or a cozy blanket is born from an ordinary skein of threads. Crochet can be almost anything. Now crocheted products are especially relevant and many famous designers use them with pleasure in their collections.
Knitting patterns are read depending on the knitting method, and there are only two of them. There is a circular knitting and flat. Crochet patterns are an image of a product manufacturing sequence consisting of symbols denoting the types of loops.
Crocheting for beginners is not as scary as it seems. For a beginner, one of the components of success is the right choice of tools: yarn for knitting and crochet.

At the time of learning, take a light-colored yarn better, you can better see the interlacing of threads, which will allow you to more productively deal with the basics of crochet techniques.
Newbies sometimes fall into a stupor, not understanding what to do with these squiggles on the diagram, but do not be afraid, here everything is not at all difficult. To correctly read the scheme, you need to learn a few rules and remember what the images of the main loops look like.

A crochet description is a kind of hint, an instruction that tells how a product can be created. Crochet can be divided into several types, but the most common is of course classic knitting with a short hook. When crocheting a working thread adheres to the thumb and forefinger of his left hand. The hook is held in your right hand with your thumb and forefinger, supported by the third finger. The thread is pounced on a hook, threaded into a loose loop, and pulled through it.

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Crochet pattern-v1.0 Apk Download

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Crochet pattern

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Crochet pattern-v1.0 Apk Download

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