Crystal Guardians -v1.1.7

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Recover more pieces of the crystal shards from the clutches of the final boss. As our heroes vanquish armies of monsters, they must defend the last crystal shard.

– Simple for anyone to pick up, and play. Featuring a choose your path adventure as you journey through the world. Inspired by games such as one finger death punch, final fantasy, and kirby's adventure.

-Classes – By defeating enough enemies without taking damage allows both our heroes to transform into 2 of 6 playable classes with their own abillities they gain by leveling up.

-Shop – On your adventure you will come across a mysterious shop to buy armor, weapons, and items.

gain powerful abillities as you level up.

-Quest – Complete 3 random quest in each game.

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-Bonus level – Earn more coins in a mini game by launching fireballs at disappearing crates.

-Boss stage – Reaching the end of each map will bring

our heroes to face off aginst the final boss.

-Final challenge – A mysterious cat appears at the end of the journey to play a game of chance at the cost of super rare tokens. Awarding the player with more coins they can use in the title screen.

Crystal Guardians -v1.1.7 Free Apk Download

Crystal Guardians-v1.1.7 Apk Download

Apk Download com.crescentmoongames.crystalrumble Android App

Crystal Guardians

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version 1.1.7
Crystal Guardians-v1.1.7 Apk Download

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