Dad Is Running -v3880.32.55

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The project deadline is coming!
How long can you survive?

How to play:
Tap to Jump
Double Tap to Double Jump


Project Manager
Review your progress and slow down your progress

Colleague: The printer is not working. Can you fix it?

Colleague's Computer
Colleague: My PC is slow. Can you fix it? I think it has a virus…

Colleague: My phone can't connect to the Wi-Fi. Can you fix the router?

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The colleague left his mask on the table because he is going to have a meeting.

Cold Pizza
No time to finish it when it is hot. I think I can still eat it…

New requirements
Colleague: This are the new requirements for the project. I think you can finish it within a few days. I told the boss already.

Customer's call
Customer: Your sample is not working. The instruction that you sent me is too long. No one would read this. Just tell me how to make it works.

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Dad Is Running -v3880.32.55 Free Apk Download

Dad Is Running-v3880.32.55 Apk Download

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Dad Is Running

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Dad Is Running-v3880.32.55 Apk Download

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