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Daar-al-Hokoomeh is non-profit Project funded in 2014 by Mohsen hazrati and Milad Forouzandeh' in shiraz.
Dar-al-Hokoomeh produces New Media events that are a chronological step in continuing an Iranian tradition of exploring media ranging from film to video and sound art. Not only through the exploration of the possibilities of New Media itself but also through combining this with an underlying depth, richness and humorous wit that is uniquely Shirazi. While outward looking and working on an international level, Dar-al-Hokoomeh is still firmly grounded in Shiraz, Iran and is inspired by the city’s rich history in the fields of literature and art.

About this Project
Propagating the idea of digital tools as artistic mediums in the zeitgeist of Shiraz, requires reflecting all facets and capabilities of this phenomena to the public, and specially artists; particularly talented, active artists who are not necessarily focused on media arts but have arts related academic backgrounds.
An abundance of young and creative talents, the culturally rich zeitgeist, limited media arts educational platforms, and DAH Project’s hope in the future of these highly potent, fluid indivudals, were the reasons behind aiming for this project.
The current exhibition was realized through reliance on the individuality of artists, respecting their personal medium and mental space, and also opening the door to the endless capabilities of the new media in ideation and representation.
Utilizing the potentials of AR (Augmented Reality) technology, the artist embarks on a novel exploration to expand his mental space and through comprehending and exploiting this tool, connects his audience to another dimension of his artwork.
Through conducting weekly sessions, counseling and aiding the artists, and introducing them to the technical and theoretical potentials of this project, DAH Project has developed these artworks and ultimately, has acquainted the artists with knowledge to do so. A capability very contemporaneous and expansive, which – due to being digital – can travel easily to any other place and rids the artist and his audience from the ardors of radius.
Curated by DAHProject for node forum for digital arts 2017, Sponsored by Folder Foundation and Goethe Institut
Participated artists:
Marziye Alihoseini, Nahal Arian, Mozhdeh Azimi, Maryam Dehbozorgi, Maryam Dian, Mohammad Amin Haghpanah, Hanif Haghtalab, Ali Honarvar, Mahshid Mahbobifar, Parastoo mohamadipour, Milad Noorani, Soroosh Mohamadi Poyan, Paria Shabani, Hasti Shokrzadeh, Mohsen Zare, Masoud Zare

Developer & Technical support:
Mohammad Amin Haghpanah


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DAHprojectAR-v1.2 Apk Download

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DAHprojectAR-v1.2 Apk Download

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