Dark Arrows – hardcore game, c -v1.2

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This game is made for those who love games such as DarkSouls, Sekiro, Bosnia and others. I also really love these games and therefore made a game that evokes similar feelings, but you can play it anywhere. Passing all 7 days of the game will be a test of reaction for any player, and even more so getting all the achievements. The complexity of the game lies in the fact that the basic mechanics and meaning of the game is to cut the arrows flying at the player, the strike has its own delay, and the arrows have different speeds and various additional effects, such as slowing down, bifurcation, and changing directions. As a result of all this, destroying arrows is not a simple task even for a hardcore player, but for a casual player it will be a real hell. Train your reaction and patience in this game and it will become much easier for you to play large projects that also require these qualities from the player. In the early days, the complexity of the game is not fully disclosed, but not every player will pass the third day, you may need a lot of practice in training mode to overcome it. Good luck.

Dark Arrows – hardcore game, c -v1.2 Free Apk Download

Dark Arrows - hardcore game, c-v1.2 Apk Download

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Dark Arrows – hardcore game, c

package id com.theVovs.DarkArrows
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Catgory Action
version 1.2
Dark Arrows - hardcore game, c-v1.2 Apk Download

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