Death Pit -v3.5

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The events of 2020 continued to increase non-stop, the global crisis began, and the third world war began, nuclear weapons emergedAs a result of the use of these weapons, new viruses had emerged, stealing people's souls and turning them into wild animals.

Scientists have been unable to find the cure for this virus despite a long struggle. The virus was spreading rapidly. They had no choice but to kill those soulless people.So the Scientists and the World Army chose a special soldier to find the main source of the virusIt was a combination of intelligence and courage. They strengthened him and armed him. He was ready for his mission.
It was the last hope of the world.

Zor bir görev sizi bekliyor, dünyayı kurtarmaya hazır mısınız?

★ Special camera angle
★ Multiple weapon options
★ HQ graphics
★ Rich gameplay option
★ Supply deliveries

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Dead zombies walking are very dangerous, protect your shelter.

Kill all the zombies and save the world!

Death Pit -v3.5 Free Apk Download

Death Pit-v3.5 Apk Download

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Death Pit

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Death Pit-v3.5 Apk Download

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