Destroy the tanks -v1.0

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You love tanks – then You will battle tanks.
Combat vehicles (tank) – the best means of destruction, gives a huge advantage during battles.
The game has a large playing field with uneven surface (mountains, slopes) there are various objects such as houses and trees.
Your task is to accurately hit the enemy and do everything possible to achieve the goal.
In the game You can how to destroy all enemy tanks, and choose the path where
you can secretly reach the goal.
Think and shoot Your tank must reach the goal, and You do everything to get into the enemy and cause damage that will lead to the destruction of the enemy.

Destroy the tanks -v1.0 Free Apk Download

Destroy the tanks-v1.0 Apk Download

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Destroy the tanks

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Catgory Action
version 1.0
Destroy the tanks-v1.0 Apk Download

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