Diamond Challenge 2020 -v1.2

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This diamond challenge 2020 game is harder than you think but full of fun with its addictive gameplay. You have to move your character to collect the points before the enemies destroy them and try to complete the diamond.
This not a rush, smash and other kind of shoot game this is the little bit tricky game with different stages. Survive the continuous style of obstacles by moving your finger character to all five zones within this diamond challenge game. Collect points before the enemies smash them and keep moving your score higher. It’s your challenge to fill in four triangles to complete the diamond and get the extra bonuses. These extra bonuses will help you to unlock the other beautiful characters.
How to play
• Move around the diamond
• Simply swipe left, up or down
• Move fast to collect high rate of speed
• Collect points before enemy smash them
• Complete diamond to earn bonus points
• An endless diamond complete challenge
• Unique style of arcade game on store
• Start from easy levels to harder levels
• Multiple unique characters
• Challenging game play
• Close shapes to earn extra points
• Interesting sound effects
• Super addictive environment
You know the rules of this diamond challenge game! Use your fingers to move around with different shapes and earn as many points as possible. Your goal is to not let the enemy smash you and try to last as long as possible. The longer you stay on the diamond to earn points, the more points you can get!
Be smart and bounce the classic characters moving game and diamond challenge game which is made for all the smart people who want to take challenges so play as long as your battery draining of your mobiles phones.
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Diamond Challenge 2020 -v1.2 Free Apk Download

Diamond Challenge 2020-v1.2 Apk Download

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Diamond Challenge 2020

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Diamond Challenge 2020-v1.2 Apk Download

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