Dinosaur Shooting – Jurassic W -v1.0

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A thrill loaded dinosaur shooting game in a forest with fierce monsters.
Get ready for the hunt because you are going to hop on a horrifying survival journey filled with thrill, action and adventure where you’ll be shooting gigantic monsters
Dr. Edgar is a paleontologist who is working outside the city of Qrenard on some fossils of the prehistoric and Jurassic era but all of a sudden leaves and bushes start rustling, the ground is shaking as well, it feels as if a monster is advancing Watch out!! There’s a dinosaur approaching now the doctor has no choice but to shoot all dinosaur beasts before they rub out all mankind on earth!
Gear up hunter, load your weapons and take out the demons in the Jurassic world.
Fire on sight these dangerous saurian barbarians, reptiles, cold-blooded, bone-eaters, flesh-eaters, crocodile alike meat-eaters, mammoth & scary creatures from jurassic times.
Immersive carnivore shooting game in the forest.

Amazing monster shooting game with stunning 3d graphics
Jaw dropping & extinct dinosaur models
Showcasing a beautiful jungle habitat
Weapons: Shotgun, submachine gun & dynamite
Various dinosaur species: herbivore and carnivores
Dinos including tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, carnotaurus & stegosaurus
Captivating music amidst a monster hunting fps
Absorbing and addictive gameplay, will hook you up for hours of fun!

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Why should you chose it?
Breathtaking dino shooting experience free of cost
A thrill packed survival journey on your smartphone or tablet!

We hope you like it, your feedback is appreciated.

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Dinosaur Shooting – Jurassic W -v1.0 Free Apk Download

Dinosaur Shooting – Jurassic W-v1.0 Apk Download

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Dinosaur Shooting – Jurassic W

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version 1.0
Dinosaur Shooting – Jurassic W-v1.0 Apk Download

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