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Do you love to reuse and recycle items for your craft projects? More people are making use of their paper shredders for old bills and junk mail, leaving a pile of shredded paper just waiting to be created into a craft project.

Recycling shredded paper into crafts is easy, fun and eco-friendly. Take a look at these craft ideas.

Paper mache crafts
Shredded paper is perfect for this childhood craft favorite. Though the shreds are thinner than what most people use for paper mache, they can work well for smaller projects.

Consider applying paper mache to small unused holiday ornaments to give them new life, recycled food boxes, Styrofoam shapes, crumpled foil, or wire forms. Make animals buy papering over different sized balloons that represent head and body, and then attaching together when dry.

A quick search in the Internet yields simple paper mache paste recipes.

Gift bags
Decorate recycled paper bags using scrapbook supplies, markers, acrylic pants, magazine pictures, yarn, or whatever you have on hand. Use shredded paper inside the gift bag as cushion for your gift and to cover the gift in a decorative way.

Baskets and Centerpieces
Embellish old baskets or gift boxes using craft supplies such as paint, lace, buttons, or other materials. Make them in a theme such as Easter baskets for the kids, Christmas goodie baskets, or Get Well Soon gift baskets. Use shredded paper as the base in each container before adding other items.

Try surrounding pillar candle centerpieces with paper shreds, using them as "snow" for Christmas village displays, or placing in the bottom of vases as filler to support silk flowers or other decorative items.

Cut and fold card stock into desired card size. Spray paint shredded paper and let dry. Apply a layer of glue or double-sided tape to front of card. Carefully apply shreds to card until all tacky areas are covered. Trim excess around the edges. Add a mat and sentiment to the front of card, or any other decorative element.

More ideas include adding a second layer of shredded paper in a different direction, using shreds only as a frame on the outer edges of the card, or weaving them into a pattern either on the front of the card or inside.

Shredded paper is excellent for collage crafts. Simply add strips to collage as desired. Don't be afraid to cut them, crumple them, color them, or even bunch them onto the canvas.

Using shredded paper in craft projects is a great way to recycle, and it's easy and fun.

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