Dizzy Wars – 2D Platform Actio -v1.0

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How many opponents can you kill in a 5-minute action packed PVP games match? The new gun shooter online multiplayer game, Dizzy Wars, is designed to challenge your online multiplayer shooting skills. Install now and start playing with your friends. Challenge your friends, shoot em up, and compete in a 5-minute action game. Kill all opponents in the 5 minutes you are given and become the winner. The winner with most kills in battle ground will win the game.

Action Packed Gun Shooter Game
Enter an action-packed battle ground of up to 8 opponents and fight with each other. In this online multiplayer game, your only challenge is to keep away from opponent attacks while you kill all other players in the game. Jump from one platform to the ones above you to collect more weapons and respawn. Move in the battle ground and shoot em up using your best gun shooter skills.

Kill All Opponents in Battle Ground
Your only goal in this action packed gun shooter game is to kill all opponents before they kill you. Pick your online multiplayer name and avatar and match with a random cluster of PVP games players or play against the robots. Shoot em up and respawn to continue shooting the opponents so you can win the game and enter a new match.

Every Respawn Counts in Dizzy Wars
In this gun shooter game, each respawn is crucial. You can collect the weapons scattered in the map and continue killing all the enemies. Use the joystick controls to change movements in the battle ground and tap on the target joystick control to shoot your shots. Kill or be killed and make the most of your online gun shooting gaming action.

Shoot em Up in PVP Games Arena
The online multiplayer game offers infinite gun spawning as you attempt to kill all of the opponents in the death field. Beware of the players and bots as each of the opponents has the ability to ravage you before you can even shoot em up. Use your skills to kill all enemies and dodge their attack in the PVP games levels.

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Win the Online Multiplayer Game
In this game, if you are not careful enough, your attacks can act against you resulting in death. Make every move as aggressively as you can to kill everyone that comes in your way!

Features of Dizzy Wars – 2D Platform Action Gun Shooting
•Simple and easy PVP games gun shooting app UI/UX
•Action packed and thrilling gun shooting game
•Smooth joystick controls for movement and killing all enemies
•Shoot em up in an online multiplayer mode to win the game
•Kill all enemies before they can kill you in the battleground
•Interactive motion effects and engaging sound effects for more fun
•Use guns, bombs and other ammo to kill the enemies
•Play using different types of guns and collect weapons in the maps to respawn
•Choose your avatar from 8 dope characters
•Fight against your friends or bots in a death match

Are you ready to become the ultimate winner of gun shooting PVP games? The new online multiplayer game is here for you. Download and play Dizzy Wars – 2D Platform Action Gun Shooting today!

Dizzy Wars – 2D Platform Actio -v1.0 Free Apk Download

Dizzy Wars - 2D Platform Actio-v1.0 Apk Download

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Dizzy Wars – 2D Platform Actio

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Dizzy Wars - 2D Platform Actio-v1.0 Apk Download

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