Dual Souls: The Last Bearer -v3.199

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The spirit of old-school fighting games is back with Dual Souls. Inspired by classic 2d fighting games Dual Souls delivers it all – it’s fast; it’s full-on; it’s tactical; it’s online and it’s FUN!

With fluid animations and colorful graphics, Dual Souls is a highly tactical game with multiple unique fighters, each with their own fighting styles and moves. The game also comes stacked with an array of awesome features:

# Rollback Netcode enabled Cross-Platform "Online" mode.
# Create and customize your fighter with "Journey" mode.
# Learn game mechanics with "Tutorials".
# Access each character's ending and story with the “Arcade" mode.
# 11 Fighters (+Free DLC*) each with unique abilities. Characters include a dagger-wielding Ottoman warrior who excels in slap attacks; a giant kunai riding ninja; a Kazakh shaman who uses spirits to attack and curse opponents; a half-beast with his pet which helps to create combination attack patterns; a Templar knight who resists and counters opponent’s attacks.

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* For Paid Version

Dual Souls: The Last Bearer -v3.199 Free Apk Download

Dual Souls: The Last Bearer-v3.199 Apk Download

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Dual Souls: The Last Bearer

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Dual Souls: The Last Bearer-v3.199 Apk Download

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