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Achieving great results in machine embroidery requires patience and practise. Talk to several embroiderers and you may well get conflicting advice and so what you read here are just a compilation of guidelines and suggestions from many different machine embroiderers.

There are no hard and fast rules in machine embroidery! Experiment and discover what works best for you with your machine and the fabrics. threads and stabilisers you use.Test out these tips, by embroidering the same design in various hoops with different stabilisers and various techniques.

Heavy thick leathers are obviously not well-suited for sewing or embroidery and generally, leather weighing 6 ounces or less is best for stitching. Oak tanned leather comes in a lightweight version, chrome-tanned leather is soft and pliable, and re-tanned leather is suitable for items such as wallets.

You might also consider “pleather” (artificial leather) like Naugahyde that reacts to embroidery very much the same as genuine leather, and it is an excellent choice for testing designs before stitching on the final item.

As a quilter the sewing machine is one of my favorite toys,but there are times when sitting with needle and thread is wonderful.
There are a lot of resources and tips for embroidery along with free embroidery designs here on the site.To help you navigate through them quicker.

Hand embroidery tips will come in hugely handy for those who’ve planned on refurbishing the decor of their homes or gifting loved ones handcrafted embroidered items this Christmas.
Apart from employing the appropriate needles, threads, and fabrics, you’ll simply need to follow some simple steps for bettering the quality of your embroidered end-product.

If you know how to create perfect embroidery patterns, then you must also know how to make your clothes look fabulous with the embroidery designs. If your machine is having so many embroidery design options and stitching formats, then things would be easy for you to do the embroidery designs.

The tighter the fabric the easier the embroidery will be to work and your embroidery stitches will have a more even tension with the fabric less likely pucker. If the fabric puckers it could lead to problems when it comes to mounting the embroidery as it may be difficult to pull out the puckers. This would result in a wrinkled finished embroidery.
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