EscapingGoldfish -v2.0

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Please help the goldfish escaping!

Flick to control the goldfish and bring him the goal!
However, there are many traps disturbing him in the stage!
If traps, his life is decreased!
Help him escaping and reaching Eden before the life is none!

▼How to play
[START] -> start from the first stage
[CONTINUE] -> start from the latest stage
[CONFIG] -> app configuration like languages
*This game automatically saves the data.
The saved data is valid until game over.

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・The name and events in this app is fiction.
・We don't take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through this app.

EgoTech Community
Yuki Tanaka

EscapingGoldfish -v2.0 Free Apk Download

EscapingGoldfish-v2.0 Apk Download

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version 2.0
EscapingGoldfish-v2.0 Apk Download

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