Exotia : 2D Platformer -v1

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Discover this new exotic 2D platform game!

This dynamic game offers you splendid graphics and qualities.
Your goal? Finish the 20 levels available to do so you will have to collect at each level three gems that will activate the portal leading to the next level.

This during obstacles will block your way! know how to use your spells at the right times! Indeed, you will embody a mage.

Get started! Your adventure has only just begun.

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Mixing action, adventure and strategy, I invite you to Exotia: 2D Platformer.
You will not be disappointed with the trip.


– Excellent physique
– Unparalleled graphics
– Jump, dash, exit …
– Various enemies
– Growing difficulty
– Dynamic levels

Exotia : 2D Platformer -v1 Free Apk Download

Exotia : 2D Platformer-v1 Apk Download

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Exotia : 2D Platformer

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version 1
Exotia : 2D Platformer-v1 Apk Download

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