Fake Call iStyle -v1.3.6

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The most professional and beautiful fake caller id application with iStyle in Android Market! Get out the trouble, give yourself a fake-call id!

Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview…

Just download Fake Call iStyle, you can edit fake call with whatever numbers and contacts as you wish. The fake call looks like real ones and it's hard for others to discern.

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Fake Call iStyle is completely free.

Fake call is a useful tool when you want to get rid of someone. When you feel uncomfortably – pretend that someone is calling to you! You can set up a fake call and receive it as a real one. This tool uses your original ringtone and it looks like a real phone call, so everyone will think that you need to receive a call!

Fake Call iStyle is customizable, you can choose caller name or number and voice of the caller. All this makes that calls are very realistic!

Fake Call iStyle -v1.3.6 Free Apk Download

Fake Call iStyle-v1.3.6 Apk Download

Apk Download studio.onepixel.fakecalliphonestyle Android App

Fake Call iStyle

package id studio.onepixel.fakecalliphonestyle
Rating 4.06
Catgory Entertainment
version 1.3.6
Fake Call iStyle-v1.3.6 Apk Download

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