Prank Call & Fake Dial Caller -v1.1.6

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Fake Call application is one of the beautiful app in the Android Market. This is Prank calling App will help you to get out of the Awkward Situation by giving yourself.

Prank Call – Fake Caller

Using the prank calling app you can impress your friends and family members by doing any celebrities, VIP, Sportsman fake call to yourself. If your friends teasing you that you have no girlfriend? Then this prank calling app will help you because you can dial fake call to any good looking girl.

Prank Dial

Fake call simulator will help you to select a caller number from your phone contact or enter a new contact number and schedule the Prank Dial time.

Caller fake – Funcall

So this Caller fake app will help you rescue from the boring meeting, awkward situation. You can also make a prank call of someone famous person or celebrity, any country president like Donald Trump, etc, to prank your friends.

Fake Phone – Prank Dial

Call assistant fake call – This is a very useful tool for a fake call if your boring from someone or meeting and you want to leave it.

So this Fake Phone app will help you to get out from there and you will call your own Phone number and receive it as a real call.

This call assistant app is using real ringtones like your real phone ringtones and every person will think that you need to receive phone calls.

Fake Call App

Fake incoming call – This is one of the best app for fake incoming calls on your device. You will get a fake incoming call from your boss, wife, or from other celebrities by using the app.

Using this app you will adjust the appearance and behavior of the incoming call screen on your own choice. in this app, you can reject and accept the incoming calls.

Prank Caller – Fake Calls

Prank Caller app – This is an amazing app on Google play store that can allow you to prank on your friends or family member by changing voice into different genders like male to female and female to male. you can also call a policeman to your friends for a prank while using the app.

Fake Call App – do you want to prank with your friends and family member? Then this app is for you because you can make a scary call on your phone and call them to pick up the call so it will make some scary voice. so this app will make some fun with your friends and other family members.

What can you do using caller fake app:

*Fake call simulation
*Use the built-in ringtones or imports ringtones of your choice
*Fake Call any time in case of urgent escape or prank friends
* Set Up & Receiving of prank call.
*Make a call in emergency with a single click
*Record an Audio and send
*Full history of calls
*Customizable: Change your call pictures, ringtones and phone number and calling screen etc.

Disclaimer fake phone:
* This Prank calling app is designed for fun and entertainment purposes only and not designed to provide real calling functionality.

Prank Call & Fake Dial Caller -v1.1.6 Free Apk Download

Prank Call & Fake Dial Caller-v1.1.6 Apk Download

Apk Download com.fakeCall.Fake.Prank.Call Android App

Prank Call & Fake Dial Caller

package id com.fakeCall.Fake.Prank.Call
Rating 4.09901
Catgory Entertainment
version 1.1.6
Prank Call & Fake Dial Caller-v1.1.6 Apk Download

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