FartMasters -v0.4

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Prepare to be amused by FartMasters – the funniest game where the goal is to fart harder than your opponent. Have you eaten something special? Push and click on the screen in time when the arrow hits maximum. Watch your foes cough and choke on your stench! Check out how strong you are in this fascinating match! Who will be your next opponent? Where will you spoil the air next? And what if you eat a taco?

It is so easy to play! Come across entertaining characters on all levels. Fights happen in surprising locations.

It is time to show the world who the Fart Master is!
Game features:

1. Easy and exciting mechanics.
Smell meter goes left and right – just tap in time when it hits maximum!

2. Funny characters
Countless ridiculous and familiar characters challenge you to find out who is the best!

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3. Power Enhancement
Stuck on a Boss? Use an extra move! Or a mask to not smell the opponent’s stink? Or taco to enhance your farting?

4. Relax and have some fun
Funny and relaxing stink. Show them who the master is.

Do not hold back! Use all your accumulated power!

FartMasters -v0.4 Free Apk Download

FartMasters-v0.4 Apk Download

Apk Download com.the4ilab.testmaster Android App


package id com.the4ilab.testmaster
Rating 2.7
Catgory Action
version 0.4
FartMasters-v0.4 Apk Download

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