FD Theater VR: 360 Cinematic -v3.6.1

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Fulldive's VR virtual reality video player plays 360 videos from all over the world, including famous streaming services. You can search thousands of 360 videos and watch inside virtual reality.

Explore all amazing VR videos in Virtual reality right on your smartphone. Turn it into a VR cinema, just like when you are watching IMAX.

Fulldive’s solution includes:
➢ Stream any videos in IMAX VR
➢ 3D, 360 VR : Stream 3D videos in IMAX VR
➢ FullDive Camera : make a shots and video in VR
➢ FullDive Gallery : photos, videos, and photospheres storage with VR support
➢ FullDive Browser : experience the web, forums, social networks, and everything else in VR
➢ FullDive Market : VR applications marketplace
➢ VR Social Network : leave a comment and share with your friends
What is FullDive?

FullDive VR is a platform for virtual reality connected to your smartphone. It's easy and affordable access to a new world of media. Watch videos like you are in a movie theater, enjoy stream videos like they have never been seen before, and even explore social media from a completely unseen 360 angle.

FullDive VR is a virtual reality unit for the masses. Gone are the days when you need to be sitting in front of a screen to watch a movie. There’s no need to be paying thousands for a wide screen tv set to enjoy the movies you love.

Mission of The Future

Our mission is to create 3D virtual reality glasses that connect to your smartphone, so it’s easy for developers and users to use. We want this to be available and affordable to every person who owns a smartphone.

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Ed and Yosen were able to attract talented people with decades of experience in IT and software development with an idea to build a solution to get to know a VR technology, which is affordable, effective and enjoyable.

Play with the Future Today!

FullDive’s software works with smartphone technology to display a much larger screen in virtual reality glasses. The screen is split into frames for each eye to create a cinematic 3D view, all from your smartphone.

We are keep working on new stuff in the product and provide best in the class user experience. We are looking forward for innovative features such as Web3 VR browsing, exploring NFTs in VR, and FullDive Market where you can access all VR apps from developers world wide.

Access the Future of One World

FullDive allows the average user in any country to access the future and enjoy media like it’s never been seen before. Our mission is to popularize the VR in the society, day to day routine as well as entertainment.
For frequently asked questions (FAQ) and more information please visit us on https://www.fulldive.com/ or contact us on [email protected]

FD Theater VR: 360 Cinematic -v3.6.1 Free Apk Download

FD Theater VR: 360 Cinematic-v3.6.1 Apk Download

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FD Theater VR: 360 Cinematic

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FD Theater VR: 360 Cinematic-v3.6.1 Apk Download

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