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Fire Commando Adventure: Free City Battle Squad is a special agent commando game in which the lay day commando is challenged for survival. It is an ultimate shooting commando game where army real commando take revenge and demolish and destroy all the camps of the enemies. Fire Commando Adventure: Free City Battle Squad is a target shooting game made with realistic amazing graphics and 3D missions day or night environment where modern commando survivor killer has special hijack missions, so that you can feel real commando action game as a battle soldier. You will also have an objective based basecamp environment and also you will get a first person shooting experience. This Fire Commando Adventure: Free City Battle Squad game gives you a chance to prove yourself to be a patriot for your country and make your nation feel proud of your last day commando fighting skills. The game set up is such that, you are on a last day commando mission as an elite commando of your forces and your target is to destroy enemy camp for your country defense. So, you will taste the ultimate action-packed survival shooting missions and you will be displaying your superhero commando skills to eradicate all the enemy’s camp. After fulfilling the mission you will make the silence escape because you are the last commando and you have proved by making a kill simulator as a superhero commando in this commando adventure game 2018.

Fire Commando Adventure: Free City Battle Squad is a fire war shooting game. It is real commando adventure where you play a survival game in world war battleground. This fire battle game gives army commando to be trained for survival battleground as ww2 army is marching against you in the modern battleground. So, the free to fire battleground and the free squad survivor will have to go through the intense battle actions so that they can fulfill army commando survival game missions with grand gunner. The last survival will be the victorious player in the shooting battle game. Commando has to do survival shooting to control the survival war as the free of fire can destroy the world peace in this shooting ready for the free to play fire squad that will be facing enthusiastic war shooting in this free shooting game.

Fire Commando Adventure: Free City Battle Squad is the last day commando survival game which has the full on action-packed commando shooting game levels. The commando adventure is based on realistic shooting missions and FPS action and thrill. It has beautiful 3D animations and graphics with easy controls. You are among the city battle squad who is the last hope in this commando adventure to defend the city. You are among the elite commando force to destroy the enemy. You will be facing extreme survival missions 2018 and you will have to show your training skills i.e. gorilla commando skills to abolish all the enemies and be the last commando survival in this free to fire commando adventure. As soon as the battle will began, you will face ultimate IGI counter terrorist missions. You will have to ambush and destroy enemy as you are among the elite frontline commando force. You have to save the pride and honor of your headquarters. So as part of city battle squad defeat your treacherous enemy.

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Fire Commando Adventure: Free City Battle Squad is everything from FPS shooting game to real commando action game with the best ever weapons are at your disposal. Important features of the game are:

* Combat missions with wide weapon arsenal guns, rifles, machine guns and more
* Best shooting levels with free firing controls and realistic action adventure packed missions
* Battle survival objectives with the best army commando
* Multiple military missions with survival mode and death match mode
* Realistic, easy and smooth controls with addictive FPS shooting experience
* Thrilling sound effects and firing controls with infinite ammo
* Amazing HD graphics and thrilling weapons

Fire Commando Adventure: Free -v1.0 Free Apk Download

Fire Commando Adventure: Free -v1.0 Apk Download

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Fire Commando Adventure: Free

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Fire Commando Adventure: Free -v1.0 Apk Download

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