Firing Commando Squad : Surviv -v1.2

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It was one that critical time again. US special forces agent had been called for battlefield duty in the midst of the ongoing war. The commander can summoned the squad, which consisted of snipers, shooters and former war heroes, to his chambers. Anxious and ready for battle, he brief his squad about the rules of a survivors; rules that had made him the legend he was. Caught in the crossfire, as to where to begin he started his story with the surviving shooting he once had to face. Ready to take it further, he started role play to make his training more meaningful. The game players all on their feet as if already in the battlefield waited for the shooting to begin. Firing a shot, the commander brief the team, expecting them to defend themselves as if their lives had depended on it. The players received their training, playing war games, shooting games, gun games and top action games, making them as ready for the upcoming war as they were ever going to be. Satisfied with himself and this newly formed, fully trained squad, the commander lead his team out of this chambers and into battlefield.

Free Fire Commando Squad start your unknown survival missions in between the fire free battleground of unknown survival missions. Choose best weaponry from the best sniper rifles, assault weapons and gunship gunner. You are left with no chance but to use your US Army training, sniper shooting skills and unknown battleground training to prove your survival in these free fire shooting missions.

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Free Fire Commando Squad : Survival Battleground Features:
– Best survival battlegrounds
– amazing sound effects
– Best weapons range from sniper rifles to different assault rifles like machine gun and bazooka
– amazing HD graphics and different firing battleground levels with a complete story
– War hero simulation
– Best Action Game for real shooting lovers

Firing Commando Squad : Surviv -v1.2 Free Apk Download

Firing Commando Squad : Surviv-v1.2 Apk Download

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Firing Commando Squad : Surviv

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Firing Commando Squad : Surviv-v1.2 Apk Download

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