Fleet Hardware Installer -v2.9

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The Fleet Hardware Installer app guides third-party technicians through the installation process of our vehicle tracking devices to ensure they are installed correctly and quality checked. Quickly evaluate and adjust the configuration and installation status of your entire fleet and get a quality assurance check using your device.

The Fleet Hardware Installer app lets you:

• Review linked and unlinked vehicles.
• Pair devices and vehicles easily.
• Upgrade a device in a vehicle.
• Run a quality assurance check of installations and configurations.
• Resolve common installation issues.

Download the Fleet Hardware Installer by Verizon now and get the most value out of your equipment.

Please note: A data connection is required. This app is for third-party vehicle hardware installation technicians and is not used by Fleet customers.

Fleet Hardware Installer -v2.9 Free Apk Download

Fleet Hardware Installer-v2.9 Apk Download

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Fleet Hardware Installer

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Fleet Hardware Installer-v2.9 Apk Download

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