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A magazine for Scientologists from the motor vessel Freewinds, a 440-foot religious retreat. The Freewinds app is accessible to anyone with an IAS membership number.

Leave the chaos of the world behind and take a virtual voyage to the Freewinds. It’s a ship awash in life-changing wins. The Caribbean setting, the exclusive services and the soaring success stories are at your fingertips with the Freewinds app.

Read now or download for later
Freewinds magazine is enhanced and optimized for viewing on your phone or tablet.

Bookmark your favorites
Save any article or video for viewing anytime.

Access exclusive videos
You are transported to the sun-splashed decks of the Freewinds with exclusive videos. Passengers rave about the services, the setting and the staff and all the ways their lives have changed thanks to trips aboard the Ship. You’ll be buoyed by their stories.

Stay on course
Whenever a new issue or new video drops, you’ll be notified. You’re just a tap away from the Freewinds.

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Your Ship’s Log
Get the latest issue of Freewinds mag with this new feature on the app to chart your progress through Freewinds services.

Journey off the crossroads of the world
You are virtually on board, immersed in the spiritual atmosphere. Meet passengers who are taking the helm of their lives, gaining competence and leadership and soaring to freedom with Freewinds-exclusive services. Explore the first-class accommodations and get a taste of the fine dining offered on board.

Get the Freewinds magazine app today
It’s as easy as 1,2,3
1. Download the app
2. Log on with your IAS membership number to gain access to content
3. Start your virtual voyage aboard the Freewinds

Cast off for freedom

Get the Freewinds magazine app today

Freewinds Magazine -v1.0.0 Free Apk Download

Freewinds Magazine-v1.0.0 Apk Download

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Freewinds Magazine

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Freewinds Magazine-v1.0.0 Apk Download

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