Frichen: Chicken Platformer Ga -v5.9

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The best platform game arrived! In this game of jumps and shot eggs you will have to face multiple enemies. Don´t stop jumping from platform to platform and from enemy to enemy. Jump, fly and shoot wildly. Remember: platforms are always your friends. Undoubtedly one of the best jumping games with very fun drawings. Have you ever seen a chicken that likes fried chicken? Well now you are seeing it: a chicken game jump. But do not confuse it is not a game of a duck is a game of a chicken, and platforms, and jumping, in case it was not clear. This chicken game it´s totally offline (without Internet) (without WiFi), it is a single player game. Concluding Frichen is a game of a chicken of offline jumping platforms.

On one of the best platformers, you will be able to run, jump, fly, shoot eggs like a weapon, hatch explosive eggs like a bomb, or call reinforcements if you are in trouble. All that while you are trying to pick up fried chickens to go to the store and make yourself pretty. Yo can buy 22 articles from the store passing levels!! the best? On this platfomer game you don´t have to watch ads if you want! I passed it 8 times without seeing any ad!

Do you dare to pass 56 levels of pure difficulty and intelligence? What are you waiting for?

-No internet connection required (the game is offline)
-56 levels to win
– 3 different attacks
-More than 15 enemies and traps to pass
-3 different worlds
-A store to buy things and make yourself pretty
-Just watch ads if you want

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Warning: this is not an easy game, sometimes you have to be smart, sometimes you have to be skillful to win, and sometimes you have to be lucky, if you are looking for an easy game, this is not your game

Game made with Godot Engine

Frichen: Chicken Platformer Ga -v5.9 Free Apk Download

Frichen: Chicken Platformer Ga-v5.9 Apk Download

Apk Download org.godotengine.frichen10 Android App

Frichen: Chicken Platformer Ga

package id org.godotengine.frichen10
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Catgory Action
version 5.9
Frichen: Chicken Platformer Ga-v5.9 Apk Download

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