Frozen Arena -v1.01

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Frozen Arena is a versus fighting game with quick match, a quirky universe and unusual characters. This is a battle of snowballs with no mercy, with surprising visual effects, wich you can play on the same screen in a snowy arena.

Two players choose between four extravagant characters, with their own skills, from Valkyrie to Ice Giant.

His strong point? Players compete physically face-to-face, reducing distance and narrowing the social bond.

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True snowball battle in a Nordic universe, rendered in 3D seen from above, stylized graphics … Frozen Arena offers a unique aesthetic to the player!

Recommended platform: tablet

Frozen Arena -v1.01 Free Apk Download

Frozen Arena-v1.01 Apk Download

Apk Download com.autograf.frozenarena Android App

Frozen Arena

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version 1.01
Frozen Arena-v1.01 Apk Download

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