Fuel Calculator -v1.11

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Our "Fuel Calculator" will help you calculate:

– fuel costs;
– the amount of fuel required to complete the journey;
– the distance you can travel on the remaining volume of fuel;
– The average travel time.

The calculator will perform calculations for a given distance, it is possible to set the optimal route for the trip. The introduction of up to 5 custom waypoints is provided, which is convenient enough for a trip. For the route, our service will determine your initial location.

If you do not know your expense, then the integrated car calculator will help you. The calculator will also take into account the way you drive, the use of the air conditioner on the road. We wish you pleasant trips with our application.

Fuel Calculator -v1.11 Free Apk Download

Fuel Calculator-v1.11 Apk Download

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Fuel Calculator

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Fuel Calculator-v1.11 Apk Download

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