Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d -v1.0.4

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Be ready and enjoy most thrilling face slapping game that you ever have played in 2020. Hi-Five Gaming Studio presents you the unique and amazing face slap challenging game for Slap King fans. Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d – Kings Slap Competition is actually based on funny slap challenging idea to satisfy the crazy slap masters. Just like in boxing game, where you have to hit your opponent with punches and heat them as hard as you can, slap boxing is just like that one. But in crazy slap boxing contest, unlike in boxing, you have to just slap at your opponent face as hard as you can. The key to win the slap master title in such amazing slap boxing contest is to aim right, slap hard, make right use of your power and become the best slapper.
Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d comprises of multiple characters. Every time you play the game, you will face some new opponent in slap contest. Every new character posses different power to hit and health. You will be rewarded with coins once you complete the level. The more far you go, the more you can earn coins. The coins earned by slapping the opponent as hard as you can or by knockout the opponent in slap king contest can be utilized in increasing your stamina to bear the opponent slap as well as increasing your health. The more health will make you stand much longer in the slap boxing championship contest while on the other hand, the more power will help you to knockout your opponent in minimum time. The main aim is to win this slap boxing competition just like in other face slap game. This funny and amazing slapping game is designed just for fun as well as for entertainment purposes in 2020. This Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d game seems easy and you will understand the basics easily but it's hard to master this game because the more far you will go, the more difficult it will be for you to beat the competitor. This free and amazing slap boxing game is all about smacking your friend or slap king as hard as you can. This game can be played offline and you can play it as you like. This game is among the top stress relieving games or the action game that gives you unlimited stress-free amusing experience.
How to Play Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d Game Professionally:
• Tap on the play button once you are ready for it as it will use your first slap.
• Keep an eye on your power indicator and before pressing the tap to play button, make sure that you power indicator is at maximum level.
• Utilize the coins earned by winning the level by slap a king or friend or opponent in boosting your health as well as stamina.
• Aim right, slap hard by keeping an eye on the slider showing your power.
• Knockout your opponent in order to win slap master champion.
Features of Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d:
• Amazing character animations
• Funny slap challenges
• Different opponents
• Amazing graphics
• Various environments
• Realistic and smooth controls to give you real slapping experience
• Play anywhere you want
• Offline mode
• Free slap king game
• Different places for slap master contest
Are you ready to experience this thrilling game and to slap your opponent as hard as you can to win the slap boxing championship? If yes, then this game welcomes you to play as well as to enjoy it by slapping others.

Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d -v1.0.4 Free Apk Download

Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d-v1.0.4 Apk Download

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Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d

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Fun Slap Boxing Contest 3d-v1.0.4 Apk Download

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