Galactic Defence -v1.27

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This is a tower defence game that you build tower by click on the blue spot on the map, then it will have three different types of towers you can choose to build.
The enemy's goal is to steal your power supplies inside your power station then carry it back to their starting point, if they dies during the way back, the following enemy sees it will carry it home instead going all the way to your power station to take it, be carefully!!! watch out for it.
the overall theme for this game is sci-fi space, enjoy it!!!

Galactic Defence -v1.27 Free Apk Download

Galactic Defence-v1.27 Apk Download

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Galactic Defence

package id com.FadedReality.GalacticDefence
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Catgory Action
version 1.27
Galactic Defence-v1.27 Apk Download

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