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Gazebo is a building that is usually placed in open areas that have unique, beautiful, soothing views. Usually the function of the gazebo is a place that is used to relax and spend time, while chatting together to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

An interesting place to build a gazebo, for example at the edge of a fish pond, in the middle of a flower garden, or it could be in the garden behind the house, or in places similar to that.

Because the purpose of the gazebo is to be a place to enjoy the surrounding area, the gazebo will be built by making lots of openings on each side, in fact there are almost no wall coverings on each side of the gazebo, so most gazebos will use only roof poles.

Here are some gazebo designs, hopefully useful.

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gazebo design-v1.0 Apk Download

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gazebo design

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gazebo design-v1.0 Apk Download

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