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Gbikes is the most enjoyable bicycle sharing project in Singapore!

WHY Gbikes?
We offer you 11 good reasons to choose Gbikes and cycle…

1. (Cycle with peace of mind) You NEVER have to worry about purchasing a bicycle again. You never have to worry about maintenance again. You never have to worry about riding it back again.
2. (Cycle for health) You will enjoy fresh air. You will have more fun. You will just feel so different – INSTANTLY.
3. (Cycle for family) Bring along your spouse for a romantic Date Ride along Orchard Road. Bring along your kids for a carefree day off at the nearest Park Connector Network. Bring along your parents for a bite at the Satay By The Bay.
4. (Cycle for friends) Riders who say Hello to other Gbikes riders can exchange phone numbers and make new friends. Start with, “Hello! I see that you are also on a Gbikes!” It is a great conversation opener! Some of the most enduring friendships between cyclists were made while on 2 wheels.
5. (Cycle for charity) Support our frequent initiative to raise funds and awareness for the less privileged children and elderly people! In partnership with SAFRA, Car-Free Day and other agencies, Gbikes provides you with an oppotunity to make a difference in the lives of others.
6. (Cycle for work) Take the time to cycle to work! It was reported in The New Paper that it takes less than 30 minutes to go by bike from Bishan to town. You will feel so energised at your workplace. (“Cycle from Bishan to CBD in 30 min”, TNP Online, 1 July 2015)
7. (Cycle for relaxation) Researchers in a European country has found that cycling helps us to feel a rush of the “happiness” hormone. This directly reduces the stress levels and gives us the boost we need to go conquer the world.
8. (Cycle for environment) Do our part for earth. Reduce global warming. Enjoy the benefits of kinetic energy. Bicycle lanes are the best partners for plants and trees, which gives us oxygen for life.
9. (Cycle for Scenery) Singapore is one of the most beautiful garden cities in the world! See some of the most inspiring architecture by world renowned designers right here. Take a ride along Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown, Little India and the futuristic Kallang Bike Park.
10. (Cycle for rewards) All Gbikes come equipped with lots of surprises in store for you. Through our partnership with a leading content provider, we will encourage you to participate in our contests, loyal rider programme and of course, freebies. Life will never be the same again, once you have installed Gbikes on your phone.
11. (Cycle for yourself) We have given 11 great benefits of cycling. Do you really need any reason to just hop on and enjoy the wonderful breeze of the evening after a hard day at work for yourself? Wrap up your evening with Gbikes.

~ Cashless
~ 24-hours
~ Ride and Go
~ Park and Forget
~ Rewards Programme


Q: Is it free?
A: Yes, you only pay for a deposit and what you use.

Q: Is it refundable?
A: Yes, the deposit is refundable as we are obligated to collect a small fee for security purposes, and rides are refundable too, as long as you are not satisfied with our bicycles for whatever reason.

Q:Is it legal?
A: Yes, the Government encourages all citizens to help transform Singapore into a Car-Lite Society. This brings many benefits to the country, including a cleaner environment, United Nations carbon credits and higher productivity in work. Just ensure that you park your bicycle at the designated parking places, such as Gbikes park lots at MRT Stations.

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Gbikes-v1.0.5 Apk Download

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Gbikes-v1.0.5 Apk Download

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