Gladiator Death Arena -v2.4

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Gladiator: Death Arena – 3D fighting game with idle elements. You have the right to choose your strategy – fight yourself or hire warriors who will do it for you. Earn gold and buy powerful weapons and shields to earn more gold!
The battles in the game are divided into waves. Between waves you can go to market and hire someone, buy and sell weapons, get/pay credit or heal your fighters.

Game features:
• Endless wave-based fighting
• Hire companions and play with any of them
• Buy new weapons and shields
• Sell ammunition dropped from defeated enemies
• Get credit from banker if you don't have enough gold
• Avoid traps on death arena

Gladiator Death Arena -v2.4 Free Apk Download

Gladiator Death Arena-v2.4 Apk Download

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Gladiator Death Arena

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Catgory Action
version 2.4
Gladiator Death Arena-v2.4 Apk Download

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