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Gomoku (Five in a Row) is a strategy board game played on a Go board. The first player to get an unbroken row of five stones wins the game.

Also known as Caro, Omok or Gobang, it is traditionally played with Go pieces (black and white stones) on a go board with 15×15 intersections.

Gomoku X brings this great game to your Android. You can enjoy Gomoku in family game time, or you can also enjoy the game by playing with the AIs of varying difficulties. Beware that it is very challenging to beat the best AI in this game!

You will also gain experience points by winning against the AIs (+1 for Easy, +3 for Medium, +5 for Hard, and +7 for Expert).

Support playing online games with thousands of players!

✔ Undo
✔ Save/load unfinished game
✔ AIs with 4 levels of difficulties
✔ Timer based game
✔ Play online
✔ Zoom in and zoom out.

The variation of Gomoku supported in this game is free-style Gomoku. A player just needs to make a row of five or more stones to win.

Gomoku -v670.dgomoku Free Apk Download

Gomoku-v670.dgomoku Apk Download

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Gomoku-v670.dgomoku Apk Download

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