GTE. Grand Criminal Wars -v1.0.11

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Welcome to Grand Street Wars: Open World Simulator!

▶️ Install to get FREE one of the best action game with many weapons and crazy quests!

This is a game about mafia and clan fighting. Perform special tasks or destroy everything in a large open world. Come to the top of the criminal world. Complete many special tasks and become the head of the mafia.

▶️ Activity.
– Completely open world for you. Car thefts, wars with bandits, cops and military.
– Shoot from the unique weapon and use cool and various transport.
– Huge space to test the world and themselves for strength
– A sandbox that is limited only by your imagination.

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▶️ Unique transport.
– Military and civil helicopters.
– Jetpak.
– Bath quadrocopter.
– Monstertruck
– Tank.
– Military cars.

▶️ Unique weapon.
– Minigun.
– RPG.
– Sniper rifles.

▶️ Install to get FREE one of the best game about mafia, theft and auto!

GTE. Grand Criminal Wars -v1.0.11 Free Apk Download

GTE. Grand Criminal Wars-v1.0.11 Apk Download

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GTE. Grand Criminal Wars

package id
Rating 3.325
Catgory Action
version 1.0.11
GTE. Grand Criminal Wars-v1.0.11 Apk Download

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