Gun Stars -v1

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The land is under attack by a horde of beasts! GUN STARS, ROLL OUT!

It’s about time somebody showed these big meanies who’s the boss around here. Any enemy caught trespassing better be ready to bite the bullet!

GUN STARS is a fun 2D arcade mobile game starring a military team. The game is packed with weapons, special abilities and humorous action. Get ready to save the world!

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Key game features:
➕ UNIQUE SKILLS – Random and unique powers help you win the war!
🐗 ENEMIES – Battle brutal beasts aiming to make a nugget out of you!
🔫 WEAPONS – Fight with everything you’ve got from guns to explosives!
⭐ BOOSTERS – Boost your special abilities and wreak amazing havoc!
💪 LEVEL UP! – Develop new skills to increase your stats!
💰 LOOT – Collect loot from defeated enemies to improve your chances!
🔧 UPGRADE – Gear up for ultimate warfare against the beast horde with enhanced items! Coming soon!
🗺️ WORLDS – Explore beautiful worlds and beat hostiles level by level!


Gun Stars -v1 Free Apk Download

Gun Stars-v1 Apk Download

Apk Download com.RoundZero.GunStars Android App

Gun Stars

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Catgory Action
version 1
Gun Stars-v1 Apk Download

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