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― Got busy? Yet love to play chess!

halfChess is for you — played on half the board (easy fit on your phone) and lasts only 5 min (quick fun).

It unique features are:-

● 100+ stages to practice against AI on a smaller board
● Blind mode pieces disappear after 3 moves
● NEW! 2-player games and a community

Please feel free to reach out with any improvement requests or ideas.

Teacher mode

Teach your kid, friend or partner to learn how to play chess while playing games with them on the Halfchess app. You can do this in a cafe or on the move.

Deliberate Practice for End Games

150 stages of varying difficulty levels so you can practice valuable end game skills such as deep thinking, fast-thinking, pushing opponent pieces, and reducing their attach area.

Improve Focus and Memory

Playing blind chess will help you sharpen memory and focusing skills. In blind mode, the chess pieces disappear after a few moves (as in the screenshot).

New rules to the age-old Chess

HalfChess changes two rules of chess, as do the chess variants.

1. You stalemate your opponent, and you win (Not a draw)
2. No castling

Notable achievements

HalfChess was at the 12th position at Pioneer.app startup competition, among hundreds of global participants. We have also received media coverage from YourStory.com.

Website – https://halfchess.com
Support – [email protected]
Twitter Me – @navalsaini

Halfchess – play chess faster Latest Version Free Apk Download

Halfchess - play chess fasterLatest Version Apk Download

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Halfchess – play chess faster

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Halfchess - play chess fasterLatest Version Apk Download

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