H.E.A.T: Endless Zombie Shoote -v1.6

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Play as a lone survivor in this Endless Zombie shooter on a Small & Lonely Island that although now ravished, was once a U.S Nuclear Test Base.

Fight Off Hordes of Zombies and Zombified-Gang Member's in this endless shooter game!
Play this once abandoned mess of a project to find out! Fight the Unknown forces of Evil!

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[Special Credits]
> Synty Studio's (For their beautiful assets that my programming skills alone can't make up for) – https://www.syntystudios.com/
> David Stenfors – https://www.davidstenfors.com

>I'm an Indie game developer, so I'm not funded by any private body. Donating a dollar or so will help buy me a coffee and I'd be able to upgrade my gear and produce even better games so i'd appreciate it!

H.E.A.T: Endless Zombie Shoote -v1.6 Free Apk Download

H.E.A.T: Endless Zombie Shoote-v1.6 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Tyrobyte.HEAT Android App

H.E.A.T: Endless Zombie Shoote

package id com.Tyrobyte.HEAT
Rating 0
Catgory Action
version 1.6
H.E.A.T: Endless Zombie Shoote-v1.6 Apk Download

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