Hero Street Brawl: Punch Titan -v0.4

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The earth is under invasion of the old titan, Mad Monster King and his armies of Mad Warriors. This Mad Monster is seeking for a secret stone hidden in the earth to power his body, soul, and mind. The titan then arrived in the US. Polices, SWAT, FBI and armies started to gather around and fight the invasive army. Even criminals, thugs, mafia of crime city preparing themselves against this futuristic alien invasion.

Together with Flying Superhero, a hero from Saitama, Japan comes to offer help to defend the earth: the Punch Hero. This super hero is a very strong and quick superhero with super punch that can defeat even the strongest opponent. With superhuman mutant strength and super speed, this hero ability is unmatched and ready to defend the earth from futuristic mad warrior enemies.

The Mad Monster is nothing to be taken easily. This infinity power titan is a huge, purple bald monster that is hungry for power. He suits himself with armor, gauntlet, helmet, and boots to gear up against human army. The armour is bulletproof, thus human need to attack it with hand-to-hand combat. The Mad Monster is also has a massive strength and endurance. He has managed to win over infinite wars, including the civil war, world war, and the end war. Together with the mad warriors, would he be able to take over the earth and obtain the secret stone? Will it be an end game for the earth?

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– Choose your side! Human or mad monster!
– Cool futuristic graphics!
– Fun action gameplay!
– Play as the Punch Hero or Mad Monster
– Amazing human army vs monster alien
– Awesome cool moves
– Crispy 2D action fighting game of 2019

Play this marvellous future force game!

Hero Street Brawl: Punch Titan -v0.4 Free Apk Download

Hero Street Brawl: Punch Titan-v0.4 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Nixerd.Hero.PunchMad.StreetBrawl Android App

Hero Street Brawl: Punch Titan

package id com.Nixerd.Hero.PunchMad.StreetBrawl
Rating 3.6
Catgory Action
version 0.4
Hero Street Brawl: Punch Titan-v0.4 Apk Download

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