Hero Street Brawl: Soldier Bot -v0.7

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Futuristic robot invasion! Mr. Mark, the rich heroic owner of Zerobot robot factory has made an agreement with the governments to put his futuristic robots into work for the local police department and become part of the enforcements.

Captain Megastar doesn't agree with this. He saw an advanced alien-like technology robot can be a disaster if it falls to the evil villain hands. Thus he tried to cancel the agreement and failed. Change of plan, he gathered the war combat army of blue soldier, including the heroic Super Soldier. These two superheroes together with the armies are ready to take on this strange army of robots ahead and avenge.

Informed about the potential assault, Mr. Mark took an action. He commanded his armies of Zerobot into defense to stop the marching army and hero of Super Soldier and Captain Megastar. He also got help the government. The gov sent civil war enforcements, the polices and a police captain. Mr. Mark saw this opportunity and gear up the police captain and make it to be Iron Cop and make him to become the champion of his army. He also sent the famous Justice Bot as a strike force for his army. This future fight is now in the present. Which side will win in this infinity time?

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– Pick your side! The captain or the futuristic iron robot side
– Awesome robotic theme!
– Incrediblely fun action gameplay!
– 5 superheroes involved! Super Soldier, Captain Megastar, Flying Superhero, Justice Bot and Iron Cop!
– Interesting human army vs futuristic robot battle
– Cool and action movie!
– Great 2D action fighting game of 2019

Play this cool champion contest of robot vs army!

Hero Street Brawl: Soldier Bot -v0.7 Free Apk Download

Hero Street Brawl: Soldier Bot-v0.7 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Nixerd.Hero.SoldierJustice.StreetBrawl Android App

Hero Street Brawl: Soldier Bot

package id com.Nixerd.Hero.SoldierJustice.StreetBrawl
Rating 0
Catgory Action
version 0.7
Hero Street Brawl: Soldier Bot-v0.7 Apk Download

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