Hero Street Brawl: Speedy Whip -v0.6

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The black mafia is a powerful gang that control huge variety of crime business. It has many notorious members as the high ranking officer. One of them is the Black Whip. Black Whip is a villain that is a combat expert. Her most favourite weapon is the energy whip.

The black mafia is targeting the D.E.A.D corp as they store many futuristic alien technology for their own good. The corporation is heavily guarded by tons of bodyguards and elite guards alike. Thunder Speedster, in particular is the black mafia's target. They want the technology of Thunder Speedster's suit, as it could produce a very high voltage of electricity and move the user in the speed of flash lightning.

Black Mafia then send their goons of mafia, criminals, thugs, mobster, gangster and such. The corporation know this and send their bodyguards and their best hero. Who would win in this epic clash of superhero factions?

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– Choose your faction! Black mafia or D.E.A.D Corp!
– Cool flashy graphics!
– Awesome, fun, and thrilling action gameplay!
– Choose from 5 heroes, Black Whip, Thunder Speedster, Incredible Hero, Spider Cyborg and Dead Rope Ninja!
– Heroic action moves!
– Amazing 2D action fighting game of 2019

Play this cool champion contest of two factions!

Hero Street Brawl: Speedy Whip -v0.6 Free Apk Download

Hero Street Brawl: Speedy Whip-v0.6 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Nixerd.Hero.WhipThunder.StreetBrawl Android App

Hero Street Brawl: Speedy Whip

package id com.Nixerd.Hero.WhipThunder.StreetBrawl
Rating 0
Catgory Action
version 0.6
Hero Street Brawl: Speedy Whip-v0.6 Apk Download

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