Hero Street Fight: Hero Duel -v0.8

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Flying Superhero, also known as the Beta Man is a superhero of justice. He live on the right path and hates the injustices. His only mission is to purge the world from the evil league, including the mafias, criminals, villains, thugs, and many others gangs. He work together with the enforcement alongside with other cops, SWAT, FBI and armies. His mutant ability is to have a flying skill and superhuman strength. He participated in many wars including the infinity and world war.

Incredible Superhero, the red hero also known as the Alpha Man is also a future superhero of justice. His justice is by his own standard of which is right and which is not. Mastered many kind of martial arts like taekwondo, karate and kungfu, this red superhero also has mutant power of superhuman strength and super speed. He will destroy anything on his path, even another good champions in a contest.

The Flying Superhero sees Incredible Superhero as a menace threat. The Incredible Hero also put the same standard when looking at Flying Superhero. Both then started arguing and broke into an epic and futuristic superhero fight. Which one will come to the top?

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– Choose your superhero! Flying superhero or Incredible hero!
– Incredible graphics
– Fun and awesome gameplay!
– Epic superhero clash!
– Cool fighting moves!
– One of the best 2D action game of 2019

Download and play this incredible superhero fight!

Hero Street Fight: Hero Duel -v0.8 Free Apk Download

Hero Street Fight: Hero Duel-v0.8 Apk Download

Apk Download com.Nixerd.Hero.FlyingIncredible.StreetFight Android App

Hero Street Fight: Hero Duel

package id com.Nixerd.Hero.FlyingIncredible.StreetFight
Rating 0
Catgory Action
version 0.8
Hero Street Fight: Hero Duel-v0.8 Apk Download

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