Hitechfleet GPS -v2.5.2454

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Hitechfleet Mobile is for customers of Hitechfleet and Fastpoint GPS in the Philippines. It is a lighter application than the enterprise-level cloud SAAS and HCE private corporate software for asset tracking. On a clear concise interface it allows you to see Realtime Location, Stops, Mileage Travelled between Stops, Mileage for the Day, Track on Map, history, your location in reference to the asset being tracked and more. It even allows you to receive notifications of arrivals, departure, stops, over speeds and any other notification configured on the SAAS or HCE interface. Tracking and notifications are individual and not shared to anyone. Email us to get an account.

Hitechfleet GPS -v2.5.2454 Free Apk Download

Hitechfleet GPS-v2.5.2454 Apk Download

Apk Download com.hitechfleet.mobile Android App

Hitechfleet GPS

package id com.hitechfleet.mobile
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Catgory Auto & Vehicles
version 2.5.2454
Hitechfleet GPS-v2.5.2454 Apk Download

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