HKI Air Suspension -v2.2

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The HKI Air Suspension app was developed so you can control the HKI Air Suspension system on your Android, via Bluetooth.

Trough the app’s interface, you can control the amount of air that goes in and out the pneumatic suspensions (air suspension), changing the car’s height.

in order to work, you must have the HKI Air Suspension system installed in your car.

Features of the App;
– Two types of screens with two types of controls: Basic and Advanced. In the basic mode, you can control the front and rear heights of the suspension. In the advanced mode, you can control the individual height of each suspension (each wheel).
– Presets and auto-adjustment in the advanced screen: Allows you to choose presets of the ride height, and also enables de auto-height adjustment.
– Bluetooth connection the can be saved and automatically connected in future uses, with a single button. You can also change the password of the bluetooth connection, so only you can connect to your car’s suspension.

HKI Air Suspension -v2.2 Free Apk Download

HKI Air Suspension-v2.2 Apk Download

Apk Download com.mobimais.hki Android App

HKI Air Suspension

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HKI Air Suspension-v2.2 Apk Download

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