Hockey Goalie Shot Tracker -v10

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——- NOTICE —–

I have stopped all development and support of this application. It is now offered as is for free.


Goalie Shot Tracker is a simple application for tracking a hockey goalie’s performance. This version will track a single goalie. It keeps both a visual and numerical history of the shots on goal, saves, goals, save percentage and goals against average.

With the simple touch interface, all you do is touch the screen for the location of the save or goal occurred and then from where on the ice the shot was taken. Goalie Shot Tracker automatically keeps tracks of shots on goal and goals against with each touch. When the game is over, confirm the game length and minutes played are correct. Finally, enter the opponents name and Goalie Shot Tracker will save all the data for the game.

Hockey Goalie Shot Tracker will keep the location data and type of shot (save or goal) and provide statistics that include:

– Games Played
– Total Minutes Played
– Total Shots on Goal
– Total Goals Against
– Save Percentage
– Goals Against Average

You can also choose to view a past game and see the location of every save and goal along with the shots on goal, goals against and save percentage for that game. By taking a look at the games over time you will be able to visualize strengths and weaknesses. For example, maybe you start to see that stick side high, from face off circle to the right of the goalie has a lot of goals scored in that location. Now you can take steps to improve that particular area of your game.

Share your games via twitter. From the Play Stats screen, log in to Twitter, then Tweet Game will post the goalie or ice image along with the game statistics to your Twitter account.

You may customize Goalie Shot Tracker by configuring the following settings:

– Goalie’s name
– Jersey color (8 to choose from)
– Regular or Full Right
– Game Length (from Squirts to Pros – you choose)

Hockey Goalie Shot Tracker -v10 Free Apk Download

Hockey Goalie Shot Tracker-v10 Apk Download

Apk Download appinventor.ai_greg_johll.HockeyGoalieShotTracker_Single_Goalie_v2_0 Android App

Hockey Goalie Shot Tracker

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Hockey Goalie Shot Tracker-v10 Apk Download

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