Human Gangs 2 – Beat Em All -v0.5

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So it happened! Gangs of jelly men again sharpen their teeth and make cunning plans. Even funnier, more drive and action and more opportunities with unique situations are waiting for you in the sequel of the game.
This time the gang decided to kidnap your best friend and you need to stop them. You will have to fight back the gangs, using all the means at hand and even transport, as well as solve logical and physical puzzles. Take part in very drive and ridiculous battles between soft dangling rubber gangsters.
Despite the absurdity of what is happening, the battles have become even more energetic and impetuous. Fights are even more diverse than before. Use various combinations and enjoy beautiful special effects. Take any items that fall under the arm and use in battles. Throw shells at enemies and admire the flying fragments and flying away enemy in slow motion. Fight menacingly like a beast. But rely not only on brute force. Take your SUV car and ride on an extensive level. And also cunning will help you in battles. Evaluate the situation and figure out how you can turn the situation in your direction. Solve puzzles based on physics. To advance further you will need ingenuity and have to figure out how to overcome this or that obstacle. Carefully inspect the various mechanisms to understand how to solve the problem.
Also, the sequel the game got a new story. Now you can watch story cutscenes in key moments. Complete the game and find out what will happen at the end.
But to complete the game, you also have to defeat the bosses. Having a little savvy, you will surely defeat all the bosses and see the final of game.

Key Features:
– Cinematic cutscenes and plot component
– Not only hurricane action, but also puzzles
– Various combo
– Drivable SUV car
– Improved special effects
– Easy and intuitive tutorial
– Impressive boss battles
– Partially destructible environment
– Different levels with a unique design
– Ending with unexpected twist

Human Gangs 2 – Beat Em All -v0.5 Free Apk Download

Human Gangs 2 - Beat Em All-v0.5 Apk Download

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Human Gangs 2 – Beat Em All

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Human Gangs 2 - Beat Em All-v0.5 Apk Download

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