IndianOil For Business -v2.0.94

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The IndianOil for Business app enables our Partners to manage their business on the go. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful features, IndianOil for Business app empowers you to provide a smooth and hassle free experience to your customers from IndianOil too. If you’re an employee or owner/partner of a distributorship which has been on-boarded on our new ePIC platform, this is a must have app! 

Key Features:

· Get a snapshot view of the important metrics for your business .
· Place an indent Order with  2 clicks and get live status.
· View PAD Balances with a single click.
· See Order history , Sales Analytics and more.
Delivery Person

· Download digital Cash memos for the deliveries assigned to you.
· Confirm Delivery directly using the mobile app.
· Call customer or navigate to his address directly from app.
· Collect payment through multiple methods.
· Create Cash Memo at the customers doorstep.
· Works in Offline mode also.

· Download all service tasks assigned to you .
· Priority notification for leakage complaints.
· Close complaints directly using the app.
· Works in Offline mode also.

User ID for the ePIC platform

IndianOil For Business -v2.0.94 Free Apk Download

IndianOil For Business-v2.0.94 Apk Download

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IndianOil For Business

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IndianOil For Business-v2.0.94 Apk Download

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