Indonesian batik motif collect -v3.0

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Indonesia is known for its culture that is very much one of its cultures, namely batik cloth, batik cloth in Indonesia has many styles and varieties and every regional city that has batik art must have a distinctive character.

batik cloth is judged by carving motifs and the complexity and length of manufacture, the longer the manufacture of carvings with unique motifs adds to the high price of the batik and usually in the picture with the help of hands or often called batik.

Indonesian batik motif collect -v3.0 Free Apk Download

Indonesian batik motif collect-v3.0 Apk Download

Apk Download com.koleksimotifbatikdaerah.rigall Android App

Indonesian batik motif collect

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Indonesian batik motif collect-v3.0 Apk Download

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