Invitation Card Maker -v5.21.2

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Make Party Invitation cards and invite yours friends and loved ones using our application.

👉Application features:
► Create Invitation in single screen.
► Full screen support
► Provided various Stickers which helps while making invitation card.
► Very cool background templates useful for making invitation cards for various events like Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Dinner party, Lunch party, Festivals, etc.
► User can save invitations in his/her device for further use.
► User can send created invitation cards to loved ones via various apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Skype, etc.
► User can easily create text formats on canvas.

👉Following events are supported:

* Anniversary
* Anytime Party
* Baby shower
* Bachelor Party
* Birthday
* Bridal shower
* Brunch
* Christmas
* Dinner Party
* Family reunion
* Graduation Party
* House Party
* Housewarming and new home
* Professional Events, Business milestone job promotion
* Diwali Holi celebrations
* Response cards
* Retirement
* Sleepover
* Sports & Games
* Reunion party
* Summer & Pool Party
* Thanksgiving
* And many more.

For any issues and suggestions please contact developer.

Invitation Card Maker -v5.21.2 Free Apk Download

Invitation Card Maker-v5.21.2 Apk Download

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Invitation Card Maker

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Invitation Card Maker-v5.21.2 Apk Download

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