Katana Showdown -v1.2

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Katana Showdown is a split-screen two player sword fighting game where you can duel your friend with a Samurai Katana!

The split-screen experience of sword dueling your friend right on a single mobile screen. Swipe your screen to perform sword slashes, cutting through your frenemies with the touch of your thumb!

Grab the end of each device and start swiping to the death! Block incoming attacks and counter with a strong finishing blow.

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Katana Showdown features three different seasonal landscapes with an iconic gritty graphic novel art-style and the samurai film feel that immerse you and your friend into a classic Samurai showdown!

Created by
Putt Poj Pitakjamnong
Ken Picharit Ua-Wanapaksa

Katana Showdown -v1.2 Free Apk Download

Katana Showdown-v1.2 Apk Download

Apk Download com.PuttKen.KatanaShowdown Android App

Katana Showdown

package id com.PuttKen.KatanaShowdown
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Catgory Action
version 1.2
Katana Showdown-v1.2 Apk Download

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