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About Katana Soul:

Katana Soul is a game made for retrogamers grown up during the golden age of 8-bit home computers.
It provides a 30 minutes long adventure, short but extremely difficult: players have no save states nor continues, only their skill with the katana sword.


Dive in the Sengoku era, in an ancient and dark Japan filled with demonic creatures and traps behind every corner! Discover all of the stories behind the power of the tengu mask and lift the demonic curse!

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-A short game with an huge challenge level
– No saves, no continues: a 100% arcade experience
-Graphics based on the C64's 16-color palette
-Pure chiptune-style music created by muscian Andrea Baroni
-More than 30 enemies to defeat
-Two different difficulty levels
-Extra mode: Survival mode
-Many homages from retro-samurai games

Katana Soul -vKatana Soul Free Apk Download

Katana Soul-vKatana Soul Apk Download

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Katana Soul

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Katana Soul-vKatana Soul Apk Download

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