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Life seems good. Like everyone else she knows, Keeko enjoys streaming movies, eating whatever food she craves, and chatting with friends on her phone. But lately, she feels like there might be more to life than eating and staring at screens. She decides to run. While her friends reluctantly agree to join her on a run, the authorities do not! Since this world is governed by a giant talking donut that goes by the name of Falfa, his troops of popsicles, bon-bons and french fries do everything in their power to have Keeko return home and act like everybody else.

Keeko soon finds that her friends have been kidnapped! And that’s not all: she’s been branded a renegade for her brazen announcement to go for a run! Keeko now needs to run, run to stay away from the authorities. As an outlaw, she is soon recruited by the Resistance, a small faction of lovers of healthy foods and exercise, who have been trying to take down Falfa and his troops for years. Can they help Keeko free her friends? Keeko now barely remembers the life she had: tucked away comfortably on a massive couch, her friends keeping her company on a Saturday night while a bad movie plays on her huge television screen. Whose voice did she hear calling from within, urging her to run? Keeko feels confident that the Resistance can make a change, free her friends, and give her purpose in this world.
But it’s unlikely that Falfa will stand by idly. The donut rules with an iron fist, and he eats insurgents like Keeko for breakfast. Keeko will need all the help she can get. -v1.0.0 Free Apk Download Apk Download

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